Keeping Your Office Furniture Looking Good

Keeping Your Office Furniture Looking Good

by xotive |July 6, 2015 | Blogs, Furniture

The Chairs

With chairs, it’s all about preventive maintenance. We all know that you should keep sharp objects and permanent markers away from the fabric. Not eat or drink while sitting in your chair. Stand on, or use your chair for office derby racing, etc. Well, that’s all sage advice but in reality, these things happen. This means you may need to do some maintenance to avoid purchasing a new chair. Check and tighten any loose screws and bolts. Replace worn and stained cushions. In some cases you can install new arms or pneumatic cylinders.

Make sure arm rests are at the correct height.  If you have arm rests that don’t adjust, make sure they don’t get too close to your desk or conference table. Bumping into a wooden surface can create unsightly damage to both the desk and the chair. Did you know, you can purchase chairs that still allow for adjustability but are factory designed to never be high enough to damage the edge of your conference table?

The Desks

Wood veneer, laminate, or metal desks all have to be regularly cleaned and dusted to keep them looking good. Different finishes vary in how they are manufactured and how they are applied to the desk surfaces. In most cases it is best to dust with a dry cloth and clean with a slightly damp cloth using mild soap for any tough spots. Wood stains and finishes can be extremely delicate so check before using any chemicals which could leave streaks or even permanently damage the surface.

Be sure to check with XOTIVE or the manufacturer before using ammonia-based sprays or multi-surface cleaners. We can provide the proper procedures for keeping everything looking new.


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